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Here are the current opening times of the Foodbanks in the Maesteg Area:


Tuesday, 11am – 1pm

Noddfa Community Centre, Caerau - 01656 738866


Friday, 11am-1pm

Peniel Church, Station Street, Maesteg - 01656 731757

If you are coming to Peniel for foodbank, we are operating in a slightly different way during the crisis:

To protect our customers and the volunteers we will not be allowing anybody into the building during this time. If you are able to call or text ahead of time to let us know that you are coming, we can have your bag ready for you. Please contact us on:

Peniel Church Office: 01656 731757

If you don’t have a voucher and you’re supported by an agency, live in social or council housing contact them for a voucher. Otherwise contact Bridgend Association Voluntary Service or Citizen Advice.


For more information on Foodbank, visit the Bridgend Borough Foodbank website at

If you would like to donate to foodbank please get in touch here.

Here is some more information about what Foodbank is:

Why a Foodbank?

Hunger is not just a third world problem. Millions are affected by poverty across the UK and government figures have revealed increases in child and pensioner poverty. 

Recent figures show that 28 % of children in Wales are living in poverty, higher than the British average. Many families are finding it increasingly difficult to cope. Unemployment, a delay in benefits and rising fuel prices, are bringing many to crisis point as they struggle to buy food and other necessities for their families.

The Foodbank Network 

Bridgend Foodbank is part of a network of over 130 foodbanks started by the Trussell Trust, who opened the first foodbank in Salisbury in 1999. It is now a national franchise with projects right across the UK.

How does it work?

The Foodbank is a store where food donated by the community is banked, and which can be drawn on by people in crisis situations.

Individuals, couples and families are provided with three days of food to see them through the period between crisis and the provision of support and intervention by the appropriate agencies.

Food is collected in a number of ways by individuals, schools, churches and businesses.

Nutritionally balanced bags of food are then made ready for collection at the centre.


Clients are issued with a voucher from front line professional workers such as health visitors, C.A.B, probation officers and social workers.  

Job Centre Plus, health visitors

A warm welcome in a safe, non-judgemental environment with a Food Bank volunteer, combined with a cup of tea and a chat, enables an assessment of other possible areas of help that can be offered, such as debt counselling and life skills training.

The Benefits

The Foodbank offers a practical and immediate solution to individuals and families in crisis and, working with other agencies and other projects, the Foodbank can ensure that a client’s long term  needs are fully addressed.

The project offers excellent volunteering opportunities for all ages, supporting  volunteers with training and development to increase employment prospects.

Being part of a network of centres in the the UK, the Foodbank is able to draw on the experience of well established successful projects.

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