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1. We are an Historic Church

We believe the same truths that has changed lives for centuries. Wales’ history is centred on the truths we love and teach.

2. We Believe and Love the Bible

We’re not here to share our opinion, but to tell others about the breath taking news found in the Bible. It tells us of a way to live at peace with our Almighty Creator God, through the real and historical event of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

It is a message that tells us God cares about you and me.

It is a message deeply relevant for our culture and times.

3. We Exist to Honour and Enjoy God

Everything we do has Him as our focus. When we meet on a Sunday or throughout the week we gather to think about, enjoy and worship God. He is the centre of everything we do.

4. Our Church is Open for Any to Come

A Bible believing church is for every type of person; whether young or old; whether male or female, Peniel is relevant and open to you. Throughout history every sort of person has found hope and forgiveness in Jesus Christ. Even today men and women are discovering the relevance of the Bible and Jesus Christ for their lives.

If you would like to support our work directly, you can do so here.

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