Why Bother With...

Then: Jesus really came to earth. We can investigate his existence and read eyewitness accounts of his life. He really lived, died and rose again. This shows us that God exists and what He is like. We can’t just dismiss the historical Jesus. Have you ever examined the evidence yourself?

Now: Have you ever wondered what life is all about? Jesus tells us he is the only way to know the God who made us. He is the only one who can make sense of our lives today. He offers us peace, forgiveness, satisfaction, strength, help and a fresh start. Jesus came to give us life to the full.

Forever: Do you ever wonder what will happen after this life? Are you afraid of death? Jesus is the only person who’s died and come back. He’s the only one who can help us. With Jesus on our side we don’t have to fear death, because he took the punishment we deserve when he died on the cross.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Hebrews 13:8